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In March, the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board mandated conducting all hearings virtually to protect the public and workforce’s safety. This service has become more popular due to the pandemic and streamlines the hearing process, allowing individuals to attend remotely from almost any location. Virtual hearings are held online, requiring remote attendance from injured workers, attorneys, witnesses, and other participants.

The Significance of Virtual Hearings

One of the downfalls of going virtual is the unfortunate loss of interpersonal contact between you, opposing counsel, and the judges. As we continue to conduct these hearings and live in a virtual world, individuals can form a false sense of security. These trials can feel like an impersonal process for such a significantly critical matter.

Living in A Virtual World

Acknowledging the seriousness and importance of the process is vital for being involved in the virtual hearing. This includes reviewing your hearing notice before the scheduled date, being prepared with the necessary documents and information, and designating a private and secure location when logging into the virtual hearing. The judge will not be wearing a robe during the hearing, but it is still important for you to dress appropriately. Focusing on positive experiences and outcomes, Connors & Ferris is committed to serving, guiding and advocating for individuals who have questions about this process. Below are some helpful tips in preparing for your virtual hearing.


  • Confirm you have access to a smartphone, laptop, tablet or electronic device with a camera
  • Verify you have a reliable, high-speed Internet connection (at least 1 to 1.5 megabits/second)
  • It is best to update your internet browser for the best user experience.
  • At least 48 hours prior to your hearing, Connors & Ferris recommends testing the device at the testing link webex.com/test-meeting.html
  • Be sure to install the software or download the app Cisco Webex onto your device

For more information visit wcb.ny.gov/virtual-hearings

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