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A skilled injury attorney knows the recovery process, as well as possible costs for the injury and rehabilitation phases the client may have to go through. I decided to go with Connors & Ferris because, from the secretaries to the para-legal, this law firm is responsive and very organized.”

-Testimonial from Connors & Ferris Client

According to the National Safety Council, an employee gets injured on the job every seven seconds. Unfortunately, many injured workers do not know what to do when it comes to workers’ compensation, as the process can be unfamiliar and intimidating. From filing a workers’ compensation claim to confirm the injured worker is receiving the proper benefits; this is where a worker’s compensation attorney can be of great value.

A workers’ compensation lawyer is an advocate for injured workers and represents them in all phases of their workers’ compensation claim. Working with a lawyer at an experienced workers’ compensation firm is the best option to ensure that an injured worker receives the benefits they deserve throughout the entire process.

A workers’ compensation lawyer can become an expert guide, advising the injured worker during the complicated process to eliminate frustration and stress. Below are some of the ways a workers’ compensation lawyer can assist an injured worker with the following:

  • Assist in notifying the employer;
  • Support in filing a workers’ compensation claim;
  • Determine if the claim will be affected by benefit caps;
  • Ensure the injured worker receives the correct compensation deserved for the injuries;
  • Evaluate the benefits;
  • Assess medical evidence in accord with the Medical Treatment Guidelines;
  • Work with medical professionals to provide the necessary medical evidence that supports the claim;
  • Prepare the injured worker for hearings;
  • Represent the wounded workers at trials and depositions.

Focusing on positive experiences and outcomes, Connors & Ferris is one of New York State’s largest disability law firms, solely committed to serving and advocating injured workers. If you have recently been injured while at work, contact one of our knowledgeable attorneys to get help now.

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