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Greg was recently named a Rochester Rockstar by RochesterRockstars.com.  The video interview is posted on www.rochesterrockstars.com and www.facebook.com/RochesterRockstars.  In his interview, Greg explains how his partnership with the Buffalo Bills and his love of all sports has catapulted his disability law business into two very successful locations in Rochester and Buffalo!

Watch his video to learn:

  • The secret for turning his passion for sports into a lucrative advantage in the success of his business
  • How he formed and manages his partnership with the Buffalo Bills
  • Words of advice for dealing with all of this rapid business growth and success

We are lucky to have leaders like Greg in our community.  Despite the economy, he is making things happen and sharing with other entrepreneurs on how he’s doing it.

RochesterRockstars.com is a community project with the goal of inspiring entrepreneurs to reach great success.  The legendary book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is read by more people than any other business book.  Napoleon Hill didn’t come up with the great ideas in the book, instead, he profiled the lessons learned from other successful leaders.  Rochester Rockstars.com profiles successful leaders in our own community sharing the secrets that led them to their Rockstar success.  Learn and Grow from their stories.