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Personal Injury cases occur when an individual is “seriously injured” and can show proof that someone other than themselves or their employer, is legally responsible for their injury. When this occurs, individuals may receive monetary compensation for their pain and suffering in addition to the loss of past, present, and future income.

The team at Connors & Ferris has been working on personal injury cases related to employees or their loved ones being exposed to asbestos in the workplace or from remnants brought home to their families. Individuals who have gone on to develop and/or been diagnosed with asbestos-related illnesses causing a disability or death, may be eligible for personal injury benefits.

There are time limits (statutes of limitation) the law strictly enforces regarding the filing of personal injury and asbestos exposure lawsuits, so time is of the essence. If you have questions about a personal injury or asbestos exposure, for yourself, a relative or someone else, call or text Connors and Ferris today.